16 universal shampoo for clean scalp and shiny hair

Svitlana Nakonechna
Shampoo Basil, Le Labo, 1 870 RUB.
Shampoo “Energy of nature” for dry and dull hair, “Root”, 130 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo-biorevitalization humidifying with sea silk Caviar Anti-Aging, Alterna, 3470 RUB Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo for curly hair Nutricurls Waves, Wella Professionals, 1010 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo for restoration of balance of the scalp Normal Persons, Evo, 1800 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo Bio-Tech “Regeneration”, Gliss Kur, 218 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo “Protection against hard water” series, 233 RUB Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo for proper hair growth Full Length, Tresemme, 243 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Mild shampoo for hair Caudalie, 1050 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Light Dark Oil shampoo, Sebastian Professional, price upon request, Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo with complex Pro-keratin Kero-Solutions, Vichy, 1005 RUB Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Cleansing shampoo Nu Skin, 960 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Cherry-almond shampoo Aveda, 1920 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Ultra-light shampoo “the Power of luxury”, Oribe, 2251 RUB Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Shampoo for intense hydration Hydrate-Me.Wash, Kevin.Murphy, 2430 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya
Luxurious shampoo for all hair types with liquid keratin Mixit, 795 RUB. Svetlana Nakonechnaya

There are products for hair care that are difficult to replace or eliminate from a beauty routine. Shampoo is one of them. 16 best universal means for cleansing of the scalp and hair are waiting for you in the new WMJ BOX!

Cleansing the scalp is an obligatory stage beauty ritual, without which it is impossible to do. Because we live in big cities, Metropolitan areas, the hair accumulates a large amount of dust and dirt. In addition, if you regularly use styling products or dry shampoo to refresh the hair, the skin gets contaminated faster due to alcohol, talc, and other ingredients in the composition of these products, and clogged pores, which can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as dandruff or flaking.

In order to keep the hair looking well-groomed, you need to choose the ideal shampoo and wash your hair as needed — about every two days. A good shampoo should thoroughly clean pollution. If you have sensitive skin, you should pay attention to sulfate-free products, as they cleanse the hair and skin more carefully. The cost of these shampoos are usually slightly higher than normal, and on first use it may seem that they don’t foam as well as the sulfate analogs, but scalp does not feel aggressive chemical exposure.

If you have dandruff, find out here what to do and what tools to use to get rid of it.

Photo: Svetlana Nakonechnaya