4 outdated beauty reception in makeup (and what they can be replaced)

To follow the immediate demands of the beauty industry and completely change your make-up Arsenal on a few times a year — not the best solution. However, it is important to consider: some of the techniques in makeup has long since gone by the wayside and are hardly used by makeup artists and cosmetic brands and fashion houses. So which of them can really forget for the next year? Exhaustive commentary on this account shared with us a leading NARS makeup artist Olga Brovina.

Lip makeup with “Ombre”

This option is hardly an example of elegance and refinement. There is always the danger to make a poor transition of colors, and in General — to pick for this is not the most appropriate palette of colors. Perhaps make-up-Profi and will be able to create a nice “Ombre” on your lips, but your hand is better not to rely. So you will minimize the chance to fail and hide behind her friends the next evening.

“A smooth transition of color from light and dark shades on the lips was a very popular Insta-trend a couple of years ago, but now I do not will add style to your makeup, says Olga. — Much more relevant effect on the matte lipstick of any shade is added a drop of gloss just to the center of the lips. Not in a hurry to cover the entire surface Shine and try to keep the contrast between matte and Shine” (see also: “Mat and gloss: how to wear trendy liquid lipstick”).

The contouring

“The effect of creating a “perfect face” with dark and light shades corrective cosmetic products are no longer relevant. This makeup looks very tight in my life, did not face adds freshness and gloss” — says the expert NARS.

Given the General trend in natural in recent years, make-up artists do not need countless sets of brushes to create a real runway look, and it’s worth taking note of. If you do not plan to abandon the techniques of sculpting the face, try to move away from contouring in the style of Kim Kardashian and to make it softer and easier to perform. “Fashion is the makeup, with soft noble contours. Use a little bronzer and soft blush, pay attention to the careful feathering”, — adds Olga.

The Straubing

We recall that the Straubing came to replace contouring, and he really facilitated not only makeup, but also the lives of many lovers of a more pronounced facial features, with just one tool — a highlighter (read also: “Beauty encyclopedia: how to use highlighter”). Today, however, the formula “more light, less shadow” is from the make-up artists are much less enthusiastic. At least they treat it with greater caution.

“This technique about excessive use of highlighter to all the speakers of the obsolete individuals — emphasizes Olga. — Natural leather with neat glow is now at its peak. Choose tools with delicate glow, without the large light-reflecting particles. Use on the protruding part of the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and lips.

Graphic eyebrows

How would you not want to indulge in your favorite, time-tested eyebrow pencil, remember that now you can draw them and need much less effort.

“Perfectly symmetrical, as if the line drawn eyebrows also not a trend. For many seasons we see models on the catwalk with a completely natural eyebrows. Use natural pencils, eyebrow powder to fill in only the missing “strokes”. Lay and fix the hairs will help a transparent gel for eyebrows”.

About the expert:

Olga Brovina — leading makeup artist NARS.

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