9 rules of office etiquette conducive to career growth

In addition to productive and efficient work (obviously) career growth contributes a lot to the observance of rules of office etiquette. Unfortunately, not all employees think about it, and certainly not everyone is familiar with these rules. Egor Dobrogorskiy (Director General of COMMUNICATOR Creative Events Agency) and Vladislav Metreveli (Executive Director of the National Association of event organisers (NAOM) told what should and should not be done in the workplace.

To keep to the schedule. If the Manager is a workaholic, and subordinates who want to achieve career growth, needs to finish the job after leave the boss.

To show erudition. If the boss thinks you know more than him, then goodbye, dreams of raising! But screw in the case of a few sentences talking about your love for literature in General or to specific writers, to pass for a connoisseur of cinema, fashion, painting etc. will, of course, not superfluous. The main thing here – do not overdo it.

To demonstrate the best traits. From the first days in a new place, try to forget about your own weaknesses, it is enough that you’ve already admitted to them in the interview. Zarekomenduete itself, simpleton, boor, mumble, spit, or overly confident – and to change the opinion will be extremely difficult.

To comply with the dress code. If the conservative company needed a suit or dress in a fairly low-key and calm colors. Stand out with creative images in this situation – not a good idea. Needless to say the purity of men’s shoes or the length of the skirts with the ladies.

To maintain cleanliness and order in the workplace. The boss notices a neat staff, because staff is the face of the company, depends on not only the brand but the reputation as a whole.

To care for themselves. Check the condition of your hair, teeth, underarms. Well-groomed head and no unpleasant odors from the mouth – the key to success! Unfortunately, bad breath is the result not only of poor hygiene actually the oral cavity, but often it diseases of the stomach. Therefore, watch your health and have a chewing gum, a mouth freshener, a mouthwash that you can use before speaking with the authorities. Often drink water (with lemon). To reduce sweating, you can take advantage of injection locking hyperhidrosis.

To observe confidentiality. In every major company has information, which in any case impossible to disclose. Any employee shall keep the secrets of the organization he works for. This applies to any business: from personnel issues to technological solutions.

To speak correctly. Try talking to colleagues and bosses to avoid words-parasites, not to mention abusive speech. Take elocution lessons. Difficult? No time? Not thought about it?.. As a career thought?

Keep yourself in his hands. Often the career path of the employee ends at the first informal event of the company. Even if you are not susceptible to alcohol addiction, the abuse of strong drinks during a corporate feast can play havoc. However, even more perplexing can cause your failure to share with colleagues a couple of toasts. It is no secret that career issues are often solved after a good drink. So the ability to drink and not get drunk is one of the success factors.

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