Alena Shishkova is amazed that fans get tattoos of her face

Alena Shishkova is amazed that fans had her face tattooed on their arms.

Ex-boyfriend of rapper Timati, the second Vice-Miss Russia 2012, Alena Shishkova is the standard of beauty, not only for women but also for men. Highly fragile blonde becomes more and more popular on the web. Model has attracted more than five million followers on Instagram.

Alena is pretty used to everyone copying her style and try to imitate it. Some fans of Shishkova decided to go a step further and started getting tattoos of her face. This manifestation of sympathy was very surprising for beauty.

Model shared some pictures of tattood admirers on her Instagram. Of course, Alena is flattered by such attention.

By the way, Shishkova also has several tattoos: the inscription on the left shoulder and on her left wrist.



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