Alex Sparrow confessed that uses doping

Groom and protagonist of the show "The Bachelor 4" Alex Sparrow admitted that uses doping, the recently-banned substance Meldonium at the Olympics-2016. Alex was sick, prescribed this drug. Meldonium is condidered doping, but doctor gave him the meds for the normalization of cell activity. Alex always had a relevant sense of humor, so he could not miss such a moment and make fun.

Recently he posted video on his page on the social network. Alex is not sick nothing serious, so there is no reason to panic. Fans of Sparrow got the joke, wished him recovery.

Alex Sparrow is a modern musician, singer and actor who starred in many films, TV series and TV shows such as "The Bachelor 4", "Club of fear", "Deffchonki", "The Three Musketeers" and so on. He is also a representative of the "Eurovision-2011".