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Amanda Seyfried is suffering from mental illness

Recently, the popular American actress and singer, Amanda Seyfried gave a shocking interview with Allure magazine. The star has admitted that since childhood suffering from incurable mental illness.

Amanda's disease called an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), it is characterized by the constant presence of obsessive thoughts and ideas on a psychological level are forced to the same senseless obsessive action. For example, too frequent and intense hand washing. Amanda Seyfried is being treated and is constantly taking pills. American celebrity emphasizes that she has not the most difficult flowing form of the disease. She can fight with the help of antidepressants.

The actress has been taking a minimum dose of the drug for eleven years. She does not exclude that this is the placebo, however, absolutely does not want to risk and stop taking the pills.  Amanda said that one of the main symptoms of OCD is the excessive need to control everything. Seyfried started her way to popularity in eleven years, it was then that she began to work as a model. At the age of fifteen she made her debut in the television series, and in 2004 - in the movies. The first film into a comedy "Mean Girls."

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