Charlize Theron is in no hurry to lose weight


Popular 41-year-old actress Charlize Theron in a short period has put on weight, gaining almost 16 kilos to play the role in the film "Tully". Paparazzi managed to shoot fat Theron, despite the fact that the filming process has already been completed. Fans are sure that the actress was not in a hurry to lose excess weight.

Fans of Charlize Theron came to the conclusion that she completely ignored the persistent advice to lose weight and stop wearing sack-dresses, which add some visual extra kilos. Despite the fact that the "Tully" shooting was completed two weeks ago, the actress is still fat.

Recently, Theron "caught" by paparazzi during her walks in Studio City. Actress has chosen a dress made of denim and looked quite happy. Fans even were able to vote for previous or the current appearance of their idol.

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