“Cold brew” — a new trend in coloring: 15 ideas for coffee staining

Forget about platinum blonde: autumn dictates the rules — fashion dark brown coloring with a delicious name “cold brew”. Instagram accounts foreign colorists are full of photos of hair color iced coffee. Edition WMJ.ru gathered for you the best of them. Details are in our new material!

Strong, crisp and cold “cold brew” is always a great idea. How about one or two cups of coffee for your hair? Deep dark brown hue is perfect for autumn. With him, you will always look spectacular and feel on top. Colorist, like Barista, mix in the palette with a few dark colours, in order to achieve the perfect color, color your hair, and then add a couple of brown strands, which resemble coffee grounds within the ice. This painting will decorate and perfectly straight hair, but will look perfect on light curls or waves.

How’s the new trend in colors? I tried to be? Share your opinion in the comments!

If coffee staining you’re not impressed, pay attention to other trends in colors. “Tea with milk” and the duet of peach and ginger, contrasting strands, bold coral and soft lavender — pick one and be in trend!

Photo:Instagram / @behindthechair_com, @realericvaughn, @olgagsanbartolome, @petermenezes, @annie_8081, @wrplayhairoficial, @ironhair00, @chezvoushair, @suhyeon_stylist, @voctor_8008, @vivi_790213