Daughter of Roman Abramovich lost weight because of criticism on social networks (PHOTO)


Sofia Abramovich admitted that she had to lose weight

Roman Abramovich's daughter Sofia shares pictures of the most expensive resorts in the world. In the pictures, shared to Instagram, the girl is seen posing on her own villa or traveling by boat. However, as it turned out, 22-year-old athlete is no stranger to body shamers. She suffered from complexes due to excess weight, and had been receiving criticism from her own fans. 

She, in turn, admitted that she decided to go on a diet because of attacks of her followers.

Sophia Abramovich showed a slim figure

"I read what is written about me, – admitted the daughter of a billionaire. – Some people say such terrible things that I had to delete comments or block them. This made me feel even more insecure".

She decided to lose weight, because she wanted to escape criticism of her followers. Sophia promised that she would go to the gym and eat the right food.

"I know I'll never be the owner of a model figure, and I accept it. However, I understand that my body is not healthy, so I am going to change it. From now on, I will delete all the negative comments, not to upset myself anymore".

Sofia Abramovich prior to going to the gym 


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