Good idea: yoga for the holidays

How to spend new year holidays with benefits.

The first days of the new year is the best time to perform these promises to myself. The mood at this time elevated, a lot of strength (you have time to relax from the main party of the year?), a week ahead of the holidays! Just in the period from 3 to 7 January (Thursday – Monday) in the Ayurveda and yoga Center “Kerala” is a mini-course on “Women’s practices of Hatha yoga”.

The course was developed by the teacher center Samjith. The master classes will involve such techniques of yoga, which has a beneficial effect on the female body. Teaches you correctly perform exercises on stretching the muscles of the hips, abs and legs, on the opening of the chest. It also teaches us to balance the internal energy via various pranayama, control of feelings and emotions through meditation and relaxation techniques. It is important that the course is designed for women of different ages and with any level of physical fitness. As a Supplement to the course January 8 (Tuesday), 14:30 will be an elective with Dr. Kieran Ayurveda and teacher of Indian dance, Manasi. Experts tell how to preserve women’s health with special Ayurvedic treatments and dance therapy.

Classes start at 13:00.

Course fee – 5 000 rubles. the Cost of a single session – 1 200 RUB., the Cost of electives – 500 RUB.

Enrollment by phone: +7(495) 646 13 31. Address: Michurinskiy Prospekt 3.


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