Guide to spices: the most exotic, expensive, useful


Rosemary dearly love the Italians, even without this seasoning it is impossible to imagine the Mediterranean cuisine. If you are a lover of lazy pierogi, try to vary the dish by adding to the dough leaves of rosemary (preferably fresh). However, it is worth remembering that the rosemary because of its strong taste is known as a very Moody seasoning – it’s important not to overdo it with the amount, and in any case not combine with the Bay leaf.


One of the most expensive and popular spices in the world. Her taste and smell we know from childhood. However, not to be confused with real vanilla seeds with vanillin, which spice does not have the slightest relationship. Although they have some similarities, the real gourmets are always able to distinguish the fake from the original.

If you are a big sweet tooth, it is highly recommended to get real seeds and vanilla pods. First, they give an incredible flavor and aroma to any dish. Secondly, the smell of the spices indicated in the treatment of depression and helps to fight hunger. Thirdly, the dessert with vanilla is the best aphrodisiac of all possible, tested for thousands of years.


Remember the taste of red barberry, candy from childhood? So it has nothing to do with the real taste of barabise, which is really sour and spicy. Berries of barberry have become sweeter, add a lot of sugar.

The berries of barberry well with pork, lamb, risotto and pumpkin.


Often turmeric is used to give the dish its characteristic orange hue, it faithfully like in India and England, where it is added to almost all dishes. The taste of turmeric is bitter, a little woody. If you are interested in this spice, try adding a couple pinches to scrambled eggs or rice so you get a perfect introduction. By the way, keep in mind that turmeric is still a cheap substitute for saffron.


Nutmeg is the dried seeds of the fruit of muskatnik. It has a sweet, tart taste and is good in combination with rice and vegetables. So nutmeg has not lost its flavor, add it to the dish before the completion of the heat treatment.


Its taste cannot be confused with anything else. We love the cinnamon butter the rolls and as a fragrant addition to foam a cappuccino. Add the cinnamon stick, raisins and dried apricots in oatmeal or porridge for a delicious and healthy Breakfast, almost a dessert.


Carnation loved by chefs around the world for a sharp and spicy smell. You probably know for pickles and mulled wine. Well this seasoning goes well with meat and vegetables. For fish it is better not to add – this combination will satisfy everyone.

By the way, clove is used in the treatment of colds and increase immunity. What you need in autumn and winter.


In fact, coriander is the seeds of common cilantro. It has soft with hints of lemon flavor for what its like to be added to fruit desserts or for dishes where necessary sweetish notes. Try to cook the chicken with coriander – you will be pleasantly surprised with this combination. It is also used in the Abkhazian adzhika and Georgian sauces of aromatic, for example, satsibeli and asparagus.

Star anise

Star anise or star anise is sweet and has a licorice flavor. Its seeds are widely used in cooking. Stars anise was the best thing that can happen with pumpkin, beets, carrots or cabbage, they perfectly complement fish and meat dishes, fruit desserts, pastries, and also will look good in compotes and jams.

In addition, the anise is extremely healthy: it has antiseptic and antipyretic properties and helps to restore the skin’s moisture balance.


In cooking, use the leaves and buds of marjoram both fresh and dried. Marjoram is perfectly suited to meat and fish, will give a zest to marinades. Its taste resembles a combination of mint with bitter pepper.


One of the most expensive spices, which is obtained from the flowers of Crocus. With him cook a delicious paella, risotto, shellfish and fish.

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