How to pick the perfect shade of red hair color: valuable advice and stellar examples

Girls with red hair will never go unnoticed even in a huge crowd. Owner of a head of hair the all-sufficient, bright personality, emotional and fiery. Edition find out how to choose a shade of red that is right for you and your favorite celebrity has helped us!

Redis not just a hair color, a state of mind. Redheaded easily attract attention without making any effort, because they are Sunny and cheerful, ready to lead and to Express themselves in any situation. If you are not lucky enough to be born a redhead — no problem! Now become a fiery beauty in any salon, and a caring stylist will offer you a sea of options available staining and shades from which it will be difficult to choose just one.

The redheaded beauty always a winner stand out from the rest. Just look at the scene of incendiary dance from the TV series “Riverdale” from a young Madeline Pets in the role of cheerleaders Cheryl blossom.

If you’re still decided on the staining in red color, it is important to remember a few rules:

Red pigment is not placed on the gray as shown on the package of dye or book at the hairdresser’s. If you have gray hair, be careful and don’t forget to consult with a stylist before coloring.

— This hair color focuses on the accentuate freckles and age spots on your face. Be careful if you hesitate.

— This shade of hair is very capricious and can not tolerate any imperfections. If you have pimples, blemishes or deep wrinkles, give up the bright and saturated colors.

How to choose the right shade of red?

Copper color

Lily Cole

Red color mixed with gold and copper universal. It is easily suited to any color of eyes and skin. The dye fits well on any natural hair color.

Subdued red

This tone combination of brown, copper and red tones. This color is perfect for girls with pale olive skin, creating an organic and natural way, but without cutting the eye contrast.



This shade of hair, like Sendai, mixed red and copper. This color draws attention to facial features and perfect girls with blond and olive skin. Particularly advantageous it harmonises with brown and green eyes.

Fiery redhead


Color for the most daring. It will make its bearer the center of attention, she only needs to appear in company or to go out. If Boldness is your middle name and you’re ready to experiment, remember that this color requires regular touch-up and perfect skin condition.

### Red blonde

Emma Stone

Golden blond with a slight ginger tint creates a soft and romantic look. This hair shade will suit girls with light gray eyes and pale skin with a pink undertone.

Keep red shade in perfect condition

To keep the color looking like you just left the beauty salon, take care of home care. The best tools we have collected in the mini-gallery!

Conditioner for colored hair, Infinite Color Hold Conditioner, Caviar, 4119 RUB.
Shampoo for long-lasting color Secret Professionnel, 1800 RUB.
Balm “Protection of color”, Gliss Kur, 210 RUB.
Firming mask to protect color-treated hair Aveda, 2410 RUB.

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Photo: Instagram, East News