“I will never shave eyebrows” Vera Brezhneva called her beauty-bans

Previously, we wrote about what foods Vera Brezhneva does not eat to stay in perfect shape. Now the singer has shared her beauty taboo.

“It is unlikely that I’ll shave the eyebrows — at least I hope so. Well, now there are wigs and you can change hair color without casualties. Also I can hardly  put on weight for the role, but in the context of child birth is natural”, – told Vera during the time of the survey, at the Russian fashion week.

Star argues that beauty is, above all, harmony. And the basis of good appearance, healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

“My mood depends on sleeping and eating. And good health is always reflected on the exterior. And I want to remind all girls of the planet: a very important harmony inside. If you don’t feel internal balance, will not help any makeup, or clothing — you will not be beautiful and, most importantly, happier,” said the singer.

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