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Kate Moss: why she got too old?


43-year-old Kate Moss is not looking her best: it seems that she looks at least 10 years older! 

It would seem that only recently we breathlessly looked at pictures of naked Kate Moss and wondered why the model admitted that she has never liked her own body.  

43-year-old Kate Moss perfectly looks at social events and fashion shows. The supermodel has always paid attention to her image. However, as it turned out, Kate looks different in everyday life. The other day the paparazzi managed to capture the model on the streets of London

The blonde looked very tired and aged dramatically! Eyewitnesses reported that Kate looked like 55-year-old woman. 

Witnesses said that the star was very tired, and looked utterly unrecognisable as she stepped out with friends after dinner at a restaurant. Now the fans are worried about the health of the model, because, in their opinion, such a sad change in appearance can only be associated with serious diseases.

Hollywood actress and singer never cease to amaze fans with her beauty and grace, but there are those who are shocked by her appearance.

It's amazing how great look such Hollywood stars as Pamela Anderson - at the age of 49 she shows off her figure, advertising underwear, and 58-year-old beauty Sharon Stone, who dazzles with bikini photo.

But what happened with the appearance of 43-year-old well-known British actress and supermodel Kate Moss? Attentive fans of the model pointed out that in recent years, Kate got very old and does not look like a well-paid supermodel. She began to look much older than her age. According to her fans, the reasons for ageing are noisy parties with alcohol and drugs. It is said that shocked fans asked her to stop and freshen up. Many have noticed that the model has become very sloppy and tasteless, that previously was unacceptable to her.  

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