Lily Collins said about anorexia

Lily Collins, best known for roles in the films "City of bones," "With love, Rosie" and "Stuck in Love" admitted that her youthful experience helped her to be prepared for the role in the film "To the bone". 

Starring in the medical drama "To the bone", Lily Collins ( "Mirror Mirror") admitted that she was suffering from anorexia in adolescence. That is why the role of the artist Ellen was so close to her, reports JustJared portal. The actress added that she lost weight for a role under the control of specialists to get back to her normal weight without problems to the end of filming.

"I know from experience what it is, but at the same time wanted to made it for Ellen. It was the study of a character, with whom I have much in common, a kind of therapy. And I went through this with very strong women and Marti [Noxon] – shared Lily Collins. – Because anorexia never really goes away, it is part of you".

Recall that Lily plays an artist, which suffers from anorexia due to emotional problems. Dr. William Beckham, played by Keanu Reeves ( "John Wick") helps Ellen to get out of the state of exhaustion. 

"Last year, I wrote a book" Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me "(" Unfiltered: no shame, no regret, but I"). I finished Chapter about the problem just a week before I got the script. For me, this film was a way to tell my story and raise a topic that  is considered to be a taboo for many young people".