New cosmetic brands to watch

The eponymous line of cosmetics appeared this year. Now it is possible to find the aroma of Oui with watermelon, tuberose and woody notes. The composition is presented in a classic bottle spray, Rollerball and body cream. Decorative no less bold than the famous plush costumes brand. For example, the palette for eyes among the quiet shades of a couple dudovich and brown, and the rest — fuchsia and turquoise with shimmer. This same theme continues in the palette of lipsticks: purple with gold sequins, pink with orange. For those who Shine a little, the range is and the gold topper that can be used over any eye shadow and lipsticks.

Brand specialized in cork oak as the basis for the Shoe, releases skin cosmetics. The basis of all means — an extract of oak bark. By the way, the bark is used for making lids of the tubes, all the packaging is biodegradable. The composition of production also includes argan oil and jojoba oil, baobab extract, Moringa, aloe Vera, menthol and avocado. The range of a lot of simple and clear products like moisturizing creams for hands and feet funds to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, anti-ageing products. There are men’s line.

In the stores Urban Outfitters, you can always find an interesting niche and indie brands, where little else is presented. This year, the brand launched its own line called Ohii. Funds meet all the needs of Millennials: minimalistic design, versatility and interesting textures. For example, the lip glosses are not created, and jelly in tubes, face is a silver mask, a photo in which you just put in instagram, and a tube of cream cleanser is supplemented with the brush. Among the shades of liquid lipsticks and shadows can be found as sudovia and bright to create accents.

Talking about his own beauty brand Lady Gaga’s been going on for six months. The singer still did not disclose the details and start predicting success with Fenty Beauty. It is known that funds will be available in February next year, so any news be sure to check back. Haus Beauty will produce not only cosmetics, but also the means for skin care. The range is expected to 70 products.

Similar story with the trademark of Serena Williams, who recently registered a trademark. It is known that its brand will produce the means to care for skin, makeup, perfumes, shampoos, gels for hair, soap and bath accessories.

In the beginning of the year, the actress released her own brand — LLohan, which said on the show Wendy Williams. The first collection includes 6 shades of lipsticks in pink tones, powder and highlighter. There are plans to release aroma and 2-in-1 lip and cheek.

A few years ago, Sisley focused on the development of tools for hair care. Spa rituals even been introduced in some beauty salons. In a separate brand it became just this year — Rituel Hair by Sisley Paris. In the range there are shampoos, dense and concentrated, conditioning, toning serum for your scalp, oil and mask. The structure of the funds chosen so that caring for the hair and scalp.

Hollywood makeup artist Gucci Westman in February announced the launch of its own brand. The first products of the brand were used to create the makeup for the presentation of the collection Brock Collection three weeks ago in new York. And just this week held the first press day. All products created with respect for vegans, vegetarians, animal advocates and lovers of organic matter. While the brand has released tones, blush, highlighter and sculptor — all in the sticks.

New: a brand created for fans of the brand The Ordinary: the same minimalistic packaging in black and white, low price, loved all the retinol and vitamin C. While the brand has released 15 new product, the most popular components among which acid. They have a few serums and tonics. There’s a serum for the skin around the eyes with caffeine and peptides, there are a couple of oils and a cleansing mask based on kaolin. Among the moisturizing ingredients in creams you can find extracts of hemp and turmeric.