Olga Seryabkina realized the danger of “miracle diets”

Singer Olga Seryabkina told Sobesednik.ru, why she does not like diets that and how quickly make your abc great. The soloist of the Serebro band ( "Opium", "Mama Luba," "Let's hold hands") 30-year-old Olga Seryabkina, in spite of the busy schedule, tries to keep herself in a luxurious shape. Sobesednik.ru learned from the artist, why you should not sit on the diet, how to eat sweets and not put on weight, and how to motivate yourself on a hike in the gym.

– Frankly speaking, this is not a diet, I hate them, – says Olga. – I remember at the age of 15 years i thought I had a lot of excess weight. And I carefully sat on various Express diets (out of 5-7 kilos in 14 days -. Ed.). For example, three times a day, eat celery soup that really helped me. Then I realized that all express diet – it is a very harmful and temporary weight loss. Most of all, they are dangerous because they are not balanced and can lead to health problems. To lose weight quickly is dangerous for overweight people, because they have violated the processes of life dramatically. There is also an express diet, which completely exclude fats from the diet, which is also dangerous, because they are necessary for normal functioning. 

When the singer does not have time to sleep, she eats chocolate or crisps.

 – It is important to control the amount. I eat almost everything, and it did not impact on my body. Olga is not a fan of the gym, but if possible, tries to visit gym.

 – You know, I will never exhaust myself in a gym. Since childhood I engaged in ballroom dancing, so I formed a solid muscular corset. In general, if you want to achieve the perfect press, the most effective exercise – the bar. The hands should be under your shoulders, straighten your back and bend your knees. Make sure that the head did not fall down. Struggling tighten the press and abdomen slightly tighten. For the first time, try to hold on a minute, and then increase the interval to 30 seconds.

I know there is a problem that many women buy a gym subscription, but can not even come to the first class – continues actress. – The main thing you need to force yourself to go at least once, and then see what you want to visit the gym again and again. Buy a nice sports clothes, gloves, belt. Believe me, you will definitely do not want to break away and will not only go to gym, but also monitor your nutrition. 

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