Simple: how to lose weight on the cabbage soup diet?

Cabbage diet cannot be called fast, but it is considered very effective. And, despite the fact that your diet is limited (almost) one product to settle for them, you don’t have.

What can I eat?

The type of cabbage, then you can rely on your taste and alternate cabbage, cauliflower, Beijing, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kohlrabi in unlimited quantities. But nutritionists recommend to pay attention all the same on white as it contains a negative energy balance. This means that its processing of the body spends more energy than it consumes.


In addition, the list of allowed foods included lean meat and fish, any fruit except bananas, green tea and coffee. The daily ration must not exceed 900 calories – despite the fact that in any kind of cabbage, 100 g, contains no more than 50 kcal, and sauerkraut – only 19 kcal. Therefore, the cabbage soup diet involves the alternation of fresh and pickled cabbage – once in three days.

The duration of the diet

The duration of the cabbage diet is designed for three, seven or 10 days. For a selected period of time, you will throw 5 to 10 pounds – it all depends on the physiology of the body. Repeat diet recommended no more than once in two months. Also, you should take into account contraindications: diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, low blood pressure.

How to fix the result?

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In the first days after a diet to build up the calories gradually, adding in the diet to no more than 70 calories. But to abandon the cabbage is not – the diet should be at least one full cabbage reception (until then, until you restore the usual daily calorie). The day you have to eat an extra serving of vegetables, a slice of whole grain bread, cereals, cooked in water, and 300 g of fish or meat in any form.

Despite the benefits, cabbage is hard to eat and safe for the digestive tract in large numbers. It gives volume to the stomach, filling it with a low calorie diet, but you don’t get the feeling of fullness at all. Will be a terrible sense of hunger, which will lead to a breakdown and overeating.