Sister of Kim Kardashian painted the walls in pink to eat less

Kendall Jenner on her Instagram told about the changes in the interior of her home.

Sister Kim Kardashian admitted that pink color was chosen to eat less. The decision to paint the walls of the house in pink shades was made after a meeting with friends, who told about the direct influence of the surrounding color palette on human behavior. Friends of Kendall Jenner learned about it at an exhibition of paintings, which they visited the day before. As a result, Kendall chose the pink color called Baker-Miller. With this shade of pink 19-year-old Kendall Jenner plans to eat less and calm the nerves, because this fact is scientifically proven, commented the model.

On New Year's holidays Kendall and rapper Taiga went on vacation to Mexico. The pair pleases fans with the new explicit pictures.

Kendall Jenner was given the title of the second most popular after the sister Kim Kardashian.