Skinny: 38-year-old Ani Lorak criticized for excessive thinness

According to Internet users, the singer has gone too far with diets. The fact is that Ani Lorak is too thin in black skin-tight dress. However, there's no accounting for taste: while some followers criticized Lorak, saying that she is all "skin and bones", others admire her and called "suicide beauty" and even a "diva".

But a lot of enthusiasm caused a 38-year-old photo of Ani Lorak, showing off a rock-hard abc. After tabloids launched the rumor about the second pregnancy of 38-year-old Ani Lorak, the singer did not remain silent. All those who saw her rounded belly in the photographs on Instagram were provided an adequate response. The singer showed a steel press. Ani Lorak shared selfie from the gym. By the way, in the picture, shared to Instagram, Ani is seen without cosmetic. But Ani Lorak's press catches the eye first of all.

The singer admits that she's watching her figure, and her rock-hard abc – the result of regular training. "All serious! When you work on yourself, there is no turning back, only forward! "- Commented the singer selfie from the gym. Fans admired her chest and press. The word "wow" in the comments sounded repeatedly.