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Too thin: Nikita Presnyakov's girlfriend may have anorexia

Beloved of Nikita Presnyakov, Alena Krasnova looks noticeably skinny. Subscribers of the girl worried -  does she have an eating disorder?

Working as a model, girlfriend of Nikita Presnyakov, Alena Krasnova has always had a slender body. There are a lot of photos in bathing suits and swept clothes that accentuate her slender waist and thin legs on her Instagram. And while some admired Alena's figure, others think she may have an eating disorder, and needs to gain weight! 

However, there were many followers of Presnyakov's beloved said that she looks great, and she is still far from anorexic. But she Alena prefers to ignore such comments. 

Photo: Instagram Alena Krasnova and Nikita Presnyakov


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