Viktoria Bonya told about Plastic Surgeries and showed how she gets Beauty injections

Viktoria Bonya told about plastic surgeries and showed how she gets injections of Beauty

TV presenter and model Viktoria Bonya cares of herself. Celebrity does not save on cosmetic procedures and tries the new beauty industry trends. Fans have noticed that in the pursuit of youth Bonya gradually loses her natural beauty and becomes not like her at all.

Despite the criticism, Vicki continues to adjust appearance. Star recently shared to Instagram video of cosmetologist's office and told about the bad experience.

"I could not think that removing the hernia under the eyes I have to make up for the lost volume after a few years. Today I can say for sure, it is not necessary to remove the hernia surgically! They simply can be eliminated with the help of injections. The procedure does not come cheap, but it's worth it! They use not gel, but the "scum" of the gel, so it does not move and the texture is similar to a sponge "- said Victoria (Spelling and punctuation copyrights – Ed…).

Many fans of Viktoria Bonya were shocked – they do not understand why the star always changes something in herself. Some have even suggested that Vicki has a  psychological disorder.