How Jennifer Lopez manages to be elegant and sexy at the same time

How Jennifer Lopez manages to be elegant and sexy at the same time 10 Oct 2018

Author: Daria Petryaeva

Jennifer Lopez — singer, actress, fashion designer of Puerto Rican origin, is one of the most famous and prominent women of show business. Growing up on the streets of the Bronx in new York city in a simple family, his strong character, tenacity and hard work has achieved tremendous heights and built a brilliant career. The celebrity actively involved in charity work and is a mother of two girls.

Also how about the biography and achievements of the style, Jennifer can argue long and hard, especially about its evolution. Since the beginning of his career, the singer is adept style R’n’b, wears cropped tops, tight jeans with low waist, mini, knee boots and is constantly experimenting with their images. Now the celebrity style elegant and feminine, but it always has one feature — sexuality.

Jennifer loves her body and is proud of its beautiful forms. Lush hips, slender legs, the graceful curve of the waist, sexy Tits and perfect tanned skin never remain hidden from the public eye. In addition, the star loves to shock, provoke and be the center of attention. Remember even became all discuss the sensation of green Versace dress with a neckline below the navel, which Jennifer Lopez wore to the ceremony “Grammy” in 2000.

Sex symbol no and to this day in my 49 years looks flawless and is one of the sexiest women in the world. That’s what they say, and sometimes cry, outfits in which the star is published. However, the singer attracts admiring glances in a more restrained and elegant, but no less feminine and sexy outfits. We propose to consider the brightest of them.

VersaceVersace Armani PriveArmani Prive


Reem AcraReem Acra




Giambattista ValliGiambattista Valli


Atelier VersaceAtelier Versace