Jennifer Aniston — biography, photos, personal life


Jennifer Aniston is famous for her unbending character and ABILITY TO BE FAULTLESS in any circumstances. At 47 years old, she is still at the peak of her fame

IN REAL LIFE Jennifer Aniston is not at all like her screen image as a luckless and romantic lady. Serious, independent, and determined, she never gives up — and smashes all the stereotypes about female happiness and one-role actresses. Jennifer’s beauty as Rachel Green in Friends has been imitated by millions of women all over the world. But as a young girl, she felt ordinary. Jennifer was bom to actor parents: her father, John Aniston, played in TV series, while her Mum, Nancy, gave up a career as a model and actress in order to have a family. Her parents divorced when Jennifer was 9. The divorce affected her mother badly, and Jennifer suffered as a result: her mother was always saying how beautiful she was in comparison with her daughter, whom she called ‘plain’ and ‘ugly’.

Jennifer’s talent for comedy emerged in distressed circumstances. To begin with, the Anistons were a very happy family who joked and laughed a lot. But then relations between her parents soured. “Dad says it was then I became a clown. I instinctively tried to bringjoy and laughter back into the family,” says Jennifer. It was thanks to her father that Jenn got her first screen appearance — as an extra in a series in which he had a role. After school, she had difficulty getting parts as a budding actress and moved to LA in order to take part in auditions. At the time, she was fighting constant money problems and doing all kinds of jobs — from washing toilets to selling timeshares. And when she did win a part in a series, the projectwas usually cancelled. In the end, her agent told her about auditions for Friends. She was chosen for the role of Monica, the ‘smart girl’, but saw herself as the unfortunate Rachel. Fortunately, Courteney Cox agreed to change roles with her; and soon everyone on set saw how right this was. During this period Jennifer’s life seemed to be following a precise script. She received 5 Emmie nominations for her work in the series, winning an Emmie in 2002 and a Golden Globe in 2003. At the same time, she managed to find her way onto the big screen and enjoyed trying herself in serious roles — for instance, in the indie hint The Good Girl, where she played an ordinary check-out girl who has lost her way in life (this is regarded as one of her best roles). Jennifer has described how the names of films have impacted her personal life.

“Everything began with The Good Girl. Then there was Derailed and Break-Up. And you probably know how He’s Just Not That Into You was reflected in my life?” she says, hinting at one of the most difficult events in her life — her divorce from Brad Pitt. Brad and Jennifer got to know each other in 1998, at the suggestion of their agents. Jennifer had just split up from actor Tate Donovan and Brad from Gwyneth Paltrow. Two years later, they married. The fairy-tale wedding in Malibu cost 1 million dollars. But there was no fairy-tale follow-up. Relations between the two stars seemed perfect… But Brad Pitt, as he later admitted, felt a vacuum in his life, sought salvation in drugs, and, finally, embarked on an affair with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Jennifer refused to believe in his infidelity until the very last. In an attempt to save their relationship, she, Pitt, and their friends Courteney Cox and David Arquette went on holiday in the Caribbean, but the tension only grew. Pitt denied everything until he was caught with Angelina in Kenya. Jennifer kicked him out. Soon everyone had to admit that whatever happens, Jenn is always firm as a rock. She did not seek oblivion in drugs or alcohol, stayed in good physical form, underwent a course of psychotherapy, and continued to appear in films. Her first lead role for two years in Marley and Me was a turning point. The character she played was not just a ‘friend’, as before, but a wife with serious profound family problems to resolve. “When I played this character, I was copying my own mother,” Jennifer has said. “She was terrible in her wrath.” This role gave Jennifer the chance to let out the anger which she had been keeping bottled up inside her all her life. Her career took off again. Her next film, He’s Just Not That Into You, took $27.5 million during its first weekend.

After 15 years of uncertainty, Jennifer also managed to get her personal life back on track. Her new relationship did not seem ideal, but was strong enough to withstand all kinds of setbacks and finally ended in marriage. She met her future husband, Justin Theroux, on the set of Wanderlust in 2012. He soon asked her to marry him and gave her a ring with an enormous diamond. Their wedding was a surprise not just for the press, but for their close friends too. In August Aniston and Theroux invited 75 guests to Justin’s birthday party. The guests were warned they would have to leave their phones and other devices at the entrance. At the couple’s mansion secret preparations had been going on. And when the guests arrived for the birthday party, they discovered they were actually at a wedding! ♦