Luke Evans — biography, photos, personal life

You're already familiar with Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux from new thriller The Girl On The Train, but who's the broody hunk Luke Evans? Welsh actor Luke Evans might not be a household name yet, but he's about to be, big time. Playing the husband of the woman who goes missing on The Girl On The Train, the 37-year-old stars alongside screen favourites Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Allison Janey and relative newcomer Haley Bennett in the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins' 2015 novel. In this mystery thriller where the main narrator herself (played by Blunt) is flawed and unreliable, everyone's a suspect. But beneath its dark themes, we still can't help but notice Evans in all his hunky goodness. As press for the movie intensifies, his appearance at talk shows and premieres have put the actor back in the spotlight. You might remember him as the villain in Fast & Furious 6 and as Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. He won't just be "that guy" you recognise in flicks anymore — you'll soon see him as Gaston in Disney's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast in March 2017.

1. He makes bleached hair look really good Remember when frosty tips were the bane of your mid '90s existence? We never thought bleached locks would look good on anyone in this decade, but Evans has proved otherwise.

2. He can pretty much convince you to get pregnant Dear God, please save my ovaries for when Evans comes around. Never have two topless beings fit so perfectly well together.

3. He chooses what's important: Love The famously out actor sticks to his guns and we're all for it.

4. He's the ultimate poster boy for Italian summers Bonus: He looks good on boats. We hear ambassadorship bells ringing.

5. He's proud of his Welsh roots The red dragon (which appears on the Welsh flag) is a regular on Evans' Instagram feed. Evans was born in a small town in the Rhymney Valley of South Wales.