Actors of ‘Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie and Keith Harrington started dating

Actress of "Game of Thrones" Rose Leslie, performing the role in the film Igritt entered into a romantic relationship with her co-star Kit Harrington, who plays the role of John Snow.

However, do not say that we are very surprised. There's been rumors for years: the actors were often seen together at events and simply walking. Once captured by paparazzi, Keith and Rose were holding hands. The couple was obviously not discouraged by the fact that they overtook photographers. Ultimately, Keith didn't fool his fans, and he admitted that he is in a relationship.

"I fell in love in Iceland. Fell in love with my colleague, "- said the actor..

And we are very pleased that after years of rumors, the guys finally confirmed their relationship, appeared together at an event (and this is not a promotional tour of "Game of Thrones"), and even kissed on the red carpet. Aww

Rose Leslie and Keith Leslie and Keith Harington

Among the fans of the couple was Emilia Clarke, a close friend of Rose Leslie, the actress, who plays Daenerys in the "Game of Thrones." That's what she said to the American Internet portal Entertainment Tonight:

«Oh my God! You know, it's so cool that we extend love to our show! It's incredible … I mean, there are things much worse than being caught kissing Jon Snow. "

Definitely there, Emily! Almost all of the things a lot worse than "getting caught kissing Jon Snow."