After split from Victoria Bonya Alex Smurfit hanging out with dancers

In early February, Victoria Bonya confirmed her split from the civil husband Alex Smurfit. After the breakup Victoria threw herself into work, and Alex plunged into the night life.

First, the Irish millionaire caught in the club kissing the Russian model, Catherine Aleshkina, and now hangin’ out with several half-naked girls. Last weekend, Alex had fun at 50 Shades of Gray themed party in Paris.

Last weekend, Smurfit was spotted having fun with girls dressed in latex dresses. The event was held on a yacht that went on a cruise along the River Seine.

Alex’s friends were throwing a 50 shades of gray party and Alex definitely succeeded in the role of Christian Gray. Although, unlike the other participants in the evening, the father of Victoria Bonya’s child was rather modest: the young man wore only a mask, while others present brought even whips and chains.

Alex Smurfit

Smurfit shared photos from the party. Apparently, the millionaire and his friends had a great time with dancers in sexy costumes.

Subscribers negatively reacted to Alex’s behavior: “Alex has gone bad. Immediately became a loose cannon after parting with Bonya”,” He’s devolving rapidly. Actively living and having fun for show.