Alena Shishkova opened the mystery of the relationship of Anastasia Reshetova and mother of Timati


Everything comes from Timati’s former relationship with the second Vice-Miss of Russia 2012, namely with Alena Shishkova. The fact is that they have a 5-year-old daughter Alice. Which Timati’s mother, Simon Yunusova, simply adores. Simone loves her own son and granddaughter, and, accordingly, Alice’s mother. They spend a lot of time together in the same house, although Alice still lives separately with her mother. My mother Timati at the festival again perked up feelings for the former daughter-in-law. On the child’s birthday, when the whole family was assembled, she said, addressing her son and Alena:

“I could never imagine that I could love someone as much as I love my children! Thanks to the parents of my granddaughter for giving me such happiness! Thank you for your unconditional trust, I really appreciate it! I watched this girl move in her mother’s stomach, I cried when her first scream rang out … ”

In turn, the singer’s mother makes fun of the singer’s new girlfriend. For example, when Simone posted a photograph of herself with her granddaughter while in Timati’s house, she said that it was in this place that the best lighting in all of Moscow was almost also known as the Potemkin Stairs. The fact is that against the background of the same staircase Reshetova photographs herself when she shows stylish and expensive outfits. Alena was photographed in the same mirror, but unlike Anastasia, she managed to build friendly and warm relations with the musician’s mother. In confirmation of the bad relationship between Reshetova and Yunusova, one more fact can be added. When Anastasia Reshetova in her profile talked about self-esteem. Many began to discuss the girl’s self-esteem, comparing with achievements in real life. One subscriber noted that she had absolutely nothing to be proud of. This comment was liked by Timati’s mom.


It is not known how Yunusova’s relationship and her son’s lover will add further. But judging by all the facts, the mother of the president of “Black Star” remains on the side of Alena Shishkova and constantly continues to spend time with her granddaughter, dealing with the child and raising him. Of course, she does not care about a young 22-year-old and a new girl, when the family has already formed. In turn, Timati and Shishkova spend a lot of time together, while Reshetova remains on the sidelines. Often this is due to Alice, parents want to give a full and proper upbringing to the child, despite the fact that they are no longer together. On the sidelines of show business, they say that “Simone doesn’t want Reshetov so much,” Timati himself, on the advice of his mother, draws close to Shishkova. They spend more time together in Simone’s house, and Nastya just takes a selfie in their new apartment and checks the likes on Instagram.