Alex Smurfit finally opens up about his break-up with Victoria Bonya


 Alex Smurfit finally breaks his silence on shocking split from the Russian model, presenter and actress Victoria Bonya. According to the businessman, the reason for their split – a flash of anger and misunderstanding.

Recently Alex was jealous of Victoria for the famous football player Fabio Cannavaro and unsubscribed from Victoria Instagram. She has been forced to delete the picture. Smurfit then again signed up for beauty. And Bonya commented that her ex is still jealous.

Apparently, Alex is now really restless. He even broke his silence about his separation from Bonya. The millionaire says he still has a feeling for her, but they live apart. Former lovers together raising a daughter Angelina.

“I respect my previous and invaluable relationship with the mother of my child, Victoria. It was a difficult decision, given the rumors and all the garbage circulating the internet. We still care about each other, and always will be -.. Assured Smurfit -. Our love unconditional, but sometimes anger lead to misunderstandings, especially now wnen we live separately. In the end, we are only human. From this moment, please respect our privacy and do not wait for comments on this topic. We wish each other only happiness. ”

Note that Bonya also says only good about her ex.

“We have decided to part with Alex, but he is my friend and beloved man, I’m sure that it will last forever,” – wrote Victoria on February 4 on Instagram.

The model, television presenter and actress stressed that the decision is not associated with quarrels, nor with the cheating and with any family problems.

Recall, former member of “House-2” dated a businessman for seven years. Bonya and Smurfit was not officially married. Victoria says that she and father of her daughter parted without scandals.

“Today we have a great relationship, every day we call each other, share experiences, spend time with a child. We stay close to each other, because we have our beautiful daughter. Our common happiness – and a lot of warm memories”, – assured us Victoria .

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