Chloe green threw “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks

Хлоя Грин бросила Star parichaya green left “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks

And twisted new novel.

The heir to a multibillion-dollar fortune, the daughter of the owner of a fashion Empire Topshop Chloe green and her boyfriend Jeremy Meeks, who is called “the most beautiful criminal in the world”, broke up. According to reports by US Weekly, Chloe threw Jeremy about two months ago, and recently she was spotted with a new man on Board superyachts of her father during a vacation in Sardinia. New boyfriend Chloe called 42-year-old Rommie Gianni, captain of the Monte-Carlo Polo.

They broke up with Jeremy, but continue to communicate,

– according to sources of publication.

At least one conversation they had – a son who was born a year after the start of their romance in may 2018.

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe greenRommie of Canipo according to insiders, that Chloe twirled a new novel, Jeremy learned to see the photos taken by the paparazzi. By the way, once his wife Melissa Meeks also learned about his affair with Chloe from the media. However, problems in relations, “the most beautiful criminal” and heiress to a fashion Empire began much earlier – back in may, Jeremy missed the first birthday of the son, which the family celebrated in Monaco.

Chloe green is resting on Sardininan relations Jeremy Mix and Chloe’s grin became known in July of 2017: in a network there were photos that the paparazzi managed to capture their passionate kissing on a yacht in Turkey, and later Chloe was placed on the page in Instagram combines with the male model and his Manager Jim photo. The pictures caused uproar in the media and social networks, because Jeremy was considered legally married to Melissa Meeks, they raised two children – son Robert and daughter Melissa from a previous relationship Elianna. Maybe Melissa would be able to forgive Jeremy treason, but he, not long thinking, has filed for divorce. In September, on the ring finger Chloe had seen the ring, and it soon became known that she was pregnant. The wedding couple has not played.