Emily Ratajowski showed her boyfriend!


 Every time you look at Emily Ratajkowski (25) (or rather, at her charms, she demonstrates on Instagram), you think: "Who's the lucky guy to get her?"

Emily Ratajowski and Jeff Magid

This lucky guy is musician Jeff Magid, whom Emily started dating in September 2014 – this became known, when the pair caught in the lenses of the paparazzi. However, Emily rarely shares joint photos that everyone has forgotten that she even has a boyfriend!

Emily Ratajowski and Jeff Magid

"This is the happiest man in the world", –  say Ratajkowski's fans.

Besides that Jeff is engaged in music and loves weird hats, we do not know more about him. We could not find his Instagram!

But apparently there is something special about him (or he just knows something), just because Emily has chosen Magid among men, who are ready to move mountains for her!