Friends of Darina Erwin did not approve of her lover Alexander Tsekalo


Hollywood star Darina Erwin and producer Alexander Tsekalo preparing for the wedding, signing the necessary paperwork. But not all friends burning beauty approved of her new choice.

Before meeting with Alexander Tsekalo model was in a relationship with a popular writer of Germany, which is more “come to court” with her friends, but the girl are probably not too concerned about such trivia.

Friend Darina Erwin Ben does not condemn a brunette, which is considered to be materialistic because of marriage to a man older than her. Young people reported that the model is getting married not because of money that she is there.

“Darina, Sasha has already signed the necessary documents for wedding in Beverly hills. She introduced her lover to her parents and they approved of the choice. However, some friends did not support, they did not like Tsekalo. The fact that the guys loved ex boyfriend dari – German. But no luck… Why does she need Tsekalo? Money? You think she doesn’t have it? I doubt it…” – said Ben.