Girlfriend of Timati left him for a billionaire

So far, only the closest circle has known that Alexei Garber, the son of the Russian billionaire, an expert on the oil and investment business, Mark Garber, has a serious relationship with former girlfriend Timati Mila Volchek. But the news that the heir to the famous family proposed to Mila, literally in a week reached the secular circles of Moscow from Rome. And it was there that Mila received a marriage proposal. However, exactly who let slip about such a significant event is still a mystery. Alexei and Mila themselves do not advertise that they are engaged, although they do not refute this information.

The name of Mila Volchek became known thanks to her romance with Timati. They were together for about four years, but it never came to the wedding. The girl left the rapper in a difficult moment for him, when Timati broke his spine and seemed to be permanently disabled. Later, he even wrote with resentment on the page of his blog: “It was at this moment, when I spent two weeks horizontally, in a bunk, that my ex collected things and went in search of better conditions …” According to other versions, Mila left him due to the fact that the rapper was too keen on other girls, so that his disability could not change anything.

Be that as it may, the couple broke up. Mila was forgotten for years, but Timati’s recovery was carefully monitored, as was his more than successful career, and now his beautiful daughter Alice, who turned five this year.

The name of Alexei Garber has always been heard. Still would! Such an enviable groom. Incidentally, he was already engaged several years ago. Met with it-girl Lisa Grandene – a spectacular brunette with Brazilian roots. The fact that she agreed to marry him, Alexey wrote on the social network: “She said yes!” And Lisa boasted a ring studded with diamonds. But while everyone was sure that preparations were underway for a gorgeous wedding ceremony, the lovers managed to quarrel and break up. Let’s hope that this time the story will not be repeated. In any case, according to People Talk, Mila is already expecting a baby. So, everything is more than serious.