Interesting facts about the new girlfriend of Fedor Smolov, Sofia Nikitchuk


Sofia Nikitchuk – a new girlfriend of Fedor Smolov – Miss Russia – 2015 Sofia Nikitchuk.

Forward for Krasnodar and the Russian national team, Fedor Smolov fell in love with the Miss Russia. Football player is often seen with Sofia Nikitchuk, winner of the title of "Miss Russia – 2015" and vice "Vice-Miss World – 2015". 

Sofia was born in the Chelyabinsk region, in the city of Snezhinsk. Her mom is a doctor, and her father – the military. All her childhood Sofia spent in Snezhinsk.

After high school, she went to Yekaterinburg, where she got into the Ural Federal University on specialty "Human Resource Management".

Such beauty didn't go unnoticed. After the first beauty contest our heroine landed a contract with known modeling agency.

Sofia began modeling, shooting for magazines and participated in fashion shows. She has had a great success, but decided to focus on the beauty contests.

In 2014, she won the competition "Miss Ekaterinburg" and conquered Moscow, where he met Fedor Smolov. By the way, the contest "Miss Russia – 2 015" was conducted by Victoria Lopyreva, who was then married to Smolov. 

At the contest "Miss World", our heroine took second place. She  received the precious crown and the car that she gave to her mom.

Sofia says she does not want to be a model, she does not like to show the clothes, hairstyle or makeup. She always wanted to show herself as a person.

This year Sofia Nikitchuk played one of the title roles in the historical series "Sofia". Do not think that the name of the show coincided with her name. She appears in the last three series.

Sofia says that now the most important thing for her is a career, and five years from now she wants to be married. She tries to be like her mom, which perfectly combines work and family.

Our heroine loves the sport in all its forms. Sofia often goes to gym, where she works out for long. Maybe Fedor would show her a few new exercises?

While relationship of Fedor Smolov and Sofia is still under wraps, but one thing is certain: Sofia is new Smolov's cheerleader.

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