Internet users have identified the model who was the reason for the alleged breakdown of Viktoria Bonya and Alex Smerfit

Despite the fact that the 37-year-old Viktoria Bonya denies rumors of break-up with 31-year-old Alex Smerfit, fans still doubt that relations couples are fine. The other day followers began to suspect that the businessman found a new lover. His followers believe that this is an American model Taylor Howard.

Fans have long suspected that the relationship of Victoria Bonya and Alex Smerfit is at riskRecently, Victoria Bonya’s fans once again began to suspect that she hides from them parting with civil spouse Alex Smerfit. Followers wonder why the presenter and businessman rest on the same resorts, but at different times. 

Fans of Bonya believe that the reason for their alleged breakdown was model Howard Taylor, who attracted millionaire in social networks.

Followers found out that recently businessman and the model went on a trip to the Caribbean islands. In particular, recently they shared pictures of Saint-Barthélemy. Victoria herself is currently in Moscow.