Media: ex-king of Malaysia found a new wife, but Oksana Voevodina denies divorce

The star couple

Media: ex-king of Malaysia found a new wife, but Oksana Vojvodina denies divorce

СМИ: экс-королю Малайзии нашли новую жену, но Оксана Воеводина отрицает развод

Muhammad V and Oksana Vojvodina

In the network and the press continue to follow the life of a 49-year-old former king of Malaysia Muhammad V and his 27-year-old lady Oksana Vojvodina. Nine months after the couple’s wedding has been rumors that the couple are getting a divorce. And after the birth of a son, named Ismail Tenku Leon Peter Bin Tenku V Muhammad Faris Petra, Vojvodina moved from Malaysia back to Russia. Now the media is new information on failed marriage Oksana and Muhammad V.

Discussing the news that the family of the former king forced him to divorce the title of “Miss Moscow — 2015” and has already found a new wife. Daily Mail, citing Russian sources says that the family of the ex-king did not approve his personal choice and insisted on a divorce according to Sharia.

Оксана Воеводина и Мухаммад V
Oksana Vojvodina and Muhammad V

Oksana Vojvodina reportedly was not informed about the divorce. Moreover, her lawyer in comments to the press said that there was no divorce.

Oksana said that the child is forever linked her with her husband. A family relationship is their own business. Her husband provides her, and now she is busy only care about the child, the Daily Mail quoted lawyer Vojvodina.

Оксана Воеводина и Мухаммад V

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