Model Taylor Howard stole Victoria Bonya’s husband

Model Taylor Howard stole Victoria Bonya’s beloved man – millionaire Alex Smerfit. Alex and Victoria Bonya lived in a civil marriage for a long time, but recently TV star’s fans noticed that Victoria has stopped sharing joint photos with millionaire. According to rumors, model Taylor Howard became the new lover of Alex Smerfit.

Alex Smurfit arouse the suspicion when he regained access to his Instagram account and started sharing interesting pictures: it turned out millionaire spent time on the islands of the Caribbean. Model Taylor Howard shared similar pictures on her Instagram. Of course, the assumption is that the couple spends time together, is logical. At the same time, Viktoria Bonya spends time in Moscow. Fans of Bonya believe that she just does not want to talk publicly about the end of a romantic relationship with Alex.

Taylor Howard – popular model, who has attracted thirty-two thousand followers on Instagram. Victoria Bonya’s attracted 4,8 million followers. Subscribers are waiting for her to make an official statement that she broke up with her civilian husband.

We remind you that Victoria Bonya recently appeared in the center of the scandal in Dubai. The hotel management, asked the girls not to share racy photos in the interiors of the hotel, because this is a family restaurant.

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