Catherine Aleshkina and Alex Smurfit in Vip Room nightclub

Fans have long suspected that the relationship of Victoria Bonya and her common law husband Alex Smerfit is not going well. They were right. When a photo of a businessman, where he kisses a stranger in a French nightclub, was leaked onto the Internet, Victoria decided to make a statement. According to Bonya, they separated six months ago, but have managed to maintain a great relationship.

 “Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share impressions, spend time with the child. We stay close to each other, because we have our beautiful daughter – our common happiness – and a lot of warm memories. It so happened that our relationship chenged into friendship, we really love each other, but a little differently”. 

Officially announcing the breakup last weekend, Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit wanted to satisfy the interest of curious people. But journalists decided to unveil the new passion of now free Smurfit – the very girl who gave businessman a French kiss in Vip Room nightclub. It turned out, the chosen one of the heir of Smurfit Kappa Group, become a Russian woman: 25-year-old Catherine Aleshkina.

Who is this stranger, who was able to win the heart of Smerfit? Catherine is often spotted on the beaches of Ibiza and Dubai. She starts model career with Major Model Management. By the way, according to her page on the website of the agency, she has a perfect model measurements: her waist is 59 centimeters. A good bid for success. 

Colleagues from modeling business said that Catherine is interested in dating rich men – she’s a gold-digger. However, Alex’s friends claim that now, after six years of civil marriage, he is not looking for a girl for a serious relationship. But it can not be excluded that fleeting romance can turn into a strong feeling and Catherine, in contrast to Bonya, will be able to become a lawful wife of Alex.

Alex Smurfit 

Catherine Aleshkina

Catherine Aleshkina for Fashion & Beauty Magazine

Catherine Aleshkina in the lens of the photographer Dmitry Naumov-Eryurek

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