Nikita Presnyakov have hinted at his upcoming wedding with the daughter of millionaire


Alla Pugacheva's grandson and his girlfriend Alena Krasnova may soon get married.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova have been dating for more than two years, in fact, the couple has been living together in the country house of Alla Pugacheva, and it seems that the pair started to think about how to move their relationship to a new level.

"I have two main goals. Firstly, the music, the development of the group. And if I'd known that my musical career was succesful, I would have started it much earlier. Second goal is to build a relationship with my girlfriend Alena. We need to understand what will happen 10 years from now, where and how we live. Now we are actively thinking about it ", – Nikita said in an interview. 

Nikita Presnyakov with girlfriend Alena summer 2015

Recently the couple celebrated Valentine's day on the 62nd floor of the Moscow restaurant. The evening was very sincere, and how fans have noted, it is nice to watch, that the romance is not gone from their relationship. However, the couple tries to spend all free time alone or with friends. So Pugacheva's grandson and his girlfriend organized a big New Year party for his friends at grandma's house, and after the holidays flew on a vacation to Miami, where he also had a great time while traveling along the coast.

Alena is now 19 years old, she is the daughter of a millionaire from Kazakhstan. The meeting with Nikita took place in 2014. Now the couple lives in a civil marriage.



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