Olga Buzova has terminated the relationship with a new boyfriend due to infidelity and drugs

Boom! Olga Buzova stopped relations with a new lover.

As you know on one of the Russian channels was the project “Marry Buzova”, which was won by Denis Lebedev.

However, in a Network with suspicious rapidity and abundance began to appear incriminating information. According to it, Denis Lebedev, a gigolo, a traitor and has a weakness for prohibited drugs.

Singer and TV presenter has published a post dedicated to the guy.

“Sorry I was gone. Difficult. Everything that happened to me was not a show. Maybe that’s why I came under the influence of a man who I saw through the prism of his love. So brazenly and unceremoniously my feelings are not trampled yet no one…” – confessed Olga

She told that after the show he continued to chat with Denis, and she’s absolutely charmed. According to Olga, she was even happy with him. And then there was “direct evidence”.

“At the moment Denis and I are not together, and in the future will not be able to be together! Because I can’t be with a man who deceives me, chearing, uses me and sells,” said Olga.

According to her, Denis confirmed all the facts of correspondences.

“I’ll never be able to forgive and accept his loose way of life, to justify beating women, cheating and the use of illegal drugs. I’ve never seen such a monstrous and soulless person on this earth! I just don’t understand how that’s even possible! God will judge. I continue to live and move on. I wish you all good and happiness. Beware! Do not repeat my mistakes. Your Olga,” concluded Buzova.

We also, frankly, it all seems part of the show, especially because the project was not completed, and the channel announced a second season of the show))))