Pavel Priluchnyy and Agata Mutsenietse Named ‘Couple Of The Year’

The most striking couple of Russian show business, Pavel Priluchnyy and Agatha Mutsenietse received awards from a glossy magazine. 

Experts from Moda Topical edition named Agatha Mutsenietse and Pavel Priluchnyy the most robust, beautiful and exemplary acting couple. The title "Couple of the year" couldn't be more timely: the award was held on 28 February and on 1 March actress is celebrating her birthday! 

"Couple of the year 2017 is a birthday gift)))) our first award as a pair))) thank you !!! I'm excited! "- Says Agata on her Instagram. 

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov named 'Musical couple", also awards in different categories received Anna Khil'kevich and Arthur Volkov, Alexander Revva, who came without wife Angelica.


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