Pregnant singer Nyusha was called “elephant”

28-year-old singer Nyusha has published on Instagram new “pregnant” selfie and complained about the rude followers.

Nyusha wrote that she is tired of reading offensive comments, and asked followers whether pregnant woman should even access social networks. According to Nyusha, some replicas can be upset for future mothers.

“When you are already giving birth”; Or: “here is the elephant”, why not a hippo at once? Imagination is not enough – develop))) maybe you are hoping to find out what my husband calls me now? The level of tact, of course, rolls over. And why do you pretend that you know the date of conception, did the same press help you? Sadly, when I go to my accounts, I see, at first glance, seemingly normal people … Nothing portends, as they say, troubles …

The singer  expressed hope that there will be less rudeness in our world every day.

Meanwhile, we also really looking forward to when Nyusha will give birth to her first — born- judging by the size of her baby bump, it really will happen soon!