Rapper P Diddy broke up with his lover

Рэпер Пи Дидди расстался со своей возлюбленной Celebrity couple Rapper P Diddy broke up with his lover

A famous musician several years met with singer Cassie Ventura and not just formally came out together with her in the light. However, according to sources in the Western press, the couple broke up. Moreover, the rapper seems to have found himself a new girlfriend.

Information about the separation published the American edition of People, according to which “the decision about the separation was made a few months ago, and they have remained friends.” Anonymous sources said that now Cassie Ventura “will focus on his music career”. Representatives of both confirmed the information about the breakup.

We will remind, about the relationship of the 48-year-old Sean Diddy combs and the 32-year-old Cassie first began 7-8 years ago, but the first official release, the pair made only in 2012. Both little spread about his personal life in the press, but not once appeared together at various events. For example, in the company of Cassie rapper in the last two years have called for the ball costume Institute Met Gala.

Пи Дидди и Кэсси ВентураP. Diddy and Cassie Ventura on the 2018 Met Gala

By the way, unlike his now-former lover, he P Diddy is going to focus not only on trade but also on personal life. Even in summer, the paparazzi shot of a musician in the company of a mysterious stranger: together, they were seen in Hollywood at the output of The Standard Hotel. And now, through a few hours after the news about the breakup, Western media have managed to “find” his other passion: this 26-year-old model Joslyn Chow. Joint photo with this girl, Sean of the marriage and family code yet, and its representatives do not comment on rumors.

Пи Дидди Джослин ЧоуJocelyn Chou