Sergey Bezrukov’s wife first told about their two-month daughter

July 4, Sergei Bezrukov's family welcomed new member. The wife of actor, director Anna Mathison, gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Masha. the parents and the baby spent in the country for almost two months, but recently, Anna and Sergei came out of the holiday and threw themselves into the work. Nevertheless, in spite of the hectic schedule, Sergei Bezrukov tries to walk with his daughter Masha in the breaks between filming and rehearsals.


Anna Mathison – not one of those celebrities who are constantly sharing images of children, starting from the hospital. Only two months after the birth of her daughter a screenwriter and director told reporters about the little girl. According to Anna, t she had dreamed about the children for a long time, and the daughter changed her life for the better.


"I wanted to have a baby for a long time and strongly. Generally I'm good with children, so I'm doing a kid's movie. Now all well and good, "- she said in an interview.

Anna is in no hurry to show photos of her daughter – indeed, Anna do not post her own pictures because she is not registered in the social networks. But the happy father Serge Bezrukov gladly posts touching snapshots with his daughter Masha.


Note that Sergey Bezrukov has two more illegitimate children from the St. Petersburg singer Christina Smirnova – daughter Alexandra and son Ivan.

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