Sergey Lazarev has shared his fears and shameful deeds


Russian singer Sergey Lazarev has shared his fears.

In an interview with reporters Lazarev told about his work, which takes up all the time. Sergey also noted that he had the first three-day weekend, which he spent in the theater.

Lazarev said, now he is not going to take some time off, because he senses a window of opportunity that should not be missed. The singer is involved in theater productions, where he plays both male and female role. The artist has to shave his beard for the sake of art.

Also, the singer said he did things he's ashamed to think of. For example, the artist is dissatisfied with his leather shorts at the concert. Lazarev noted that it was stylish and fashionable to wear them.

He is also afraid of empty halls at concerts. Recently, the artist dreamed that his last performance was attended by two people.