Sweet couple on the screen, and now in life. Novel on the set – a common occurrence. And if the actors play lovers – they have more chances to get closer. Stars of “Screen Queens” Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd could not resist each other – their working relationship has blossomed into romance. Recently, a couple caught together at one of Hollywood parties. “Scream Queen” actress Keke Palmer made  snap of their passionate kiss and posted it on Instagram with  the caption «Omg omg omg OMG!».

Photo: Snepchat

It turns out that  not only Keke saw a certain dynamic between Taylor and Billie  – other people who were also present at the party, reported that young people looked very happy, kissing and flirting the whole evening . “At the party, they were inseparable. Something whispered to each other and kissed. They are uniquely novel “- a source told the online edition of E !. View image on Twitter View image on Twitter  To read  Scream Queens ✔ @ScreamQueens This couple has one wildly weird relationship. #ScreamQueens 00:10 – December 2, 2016   233 233 1 901 retweets mark “Like”.

By the way, Taylor Lautner recently gave an exclusive interview to Entertainment Tonight, where admitted that even thinks about children. He also added that he is not ready for fatherhood, but wants to have a family in the future. Do you think Billie Lourd is suitable for the role of the future wife of Taylor?