The ex-soloist of SEREBRO, Darya Shashina introduced her beloved

The union of 26-year-old former member of the SEREBRO, Darya Shashina and participant of "The Voice" show, 29-year-old singer Ivan Chebanov has become a real surprise. Nevertheless, they started to get serious. As it turned out, Dasha and Ivan have already introduced each other to their parents.

"Vanya has an incredible mom, magical grandmother, grandfather and sister. His sister has a knee length blond hair, I usually never jealous, but then … I want the same! "- Dasha said.

After this trip Dasha and Ivan decided to visit the motherland of the girl – Nizhniy Novgorod. However, the meeting with the family took place in Moscow.

"Dasha's parents are interesting: father – a musician, mother is a person who lives in her own interesting world. This woman is so concerned about the planting of trees, everything to be on the ground – is now very rarely to come across it in others, and it's good to see that Dasha has the same attitude", – said Ivan.

Guys also planted trees in the family garden: two black pines and more than twenty cedars, that have became a symbol of love and a strong alliance for the young couple. Interestingly, the lovers have long been living together, and they are familiar with a home life-work life thing. However, Dasha and Ivan are in no hurry to make it official.

"We view this matter very seriously, – Shashina explained. – We need to gain experience. For example, the guy needs to live for himself, watch, hang out with different girls. In the case of a girl, I think, she should first carefully study this life, to have something to share with her children. Therefore, we do not hurry, there's really no rush".

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