The first love of Roman Abramovich: “I’m sure Dasha Zhukova’s place has been occupied for a long time”


Singer that the future oligarch had a crush on in high school commented on his divorce

Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova announced a divorce

One of the world's richest people is now officially free. Roman Abramovich and his third wife Darya Zhukova told: "After 10 years of living together, we made a difficult decision to part ways, but remain close friends, parents of two wonderful children and partners in projects that started and developed together. We will also continue to work together as co-founders of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and the New Holland Cultural Center in St. Petersburg. "

50-year-old Russian billionaire and 36-year-old businesswoman, designer and gallery owner, apparently, are getting divorced peacefully. 

The heart of the oligarch is free. So, thousands of ambitious girls could be inspired by this news. Should they hope? "KP" asked the singer Natalia Sturm, who was the first love of the future dollar billionaire.

– I think that this place is probably occupied a long time ago. I'm sure, "she says. They've made a public statement for something. For what? Whether it will be an official marriage of Dasha, or of Roman Arkadevich, or a new union will be declared. So because they don't want press dragging their names through the mud, they have to declare that everything is finished. To get rid of all the rumors. It's sad when people break up. But the most important thing is that people parted ways beautifully. The strength of a man and a woman is not to disappoint their former partner. 

According to the previous relationship, one can judge how Roman Arkadevich divorced from ex-wifes. Nobody is offended financially. And his wives pronounce his name with respect. 

Natalia Sturm was the first love of Roman Abramovich Photo: PERSONAL PAGE OF THE HERO OF PUBLICATION IN THE SOCIETY

– You are the first love of Arbramovich. Can you describe the woman who would be his partner?

– Imagining the identity of Roman Arkadievich, I think that this should be a very beautiful woman. Beautiful on the inside and outside. An extraordinary personality. But Roman Abramovich is not the only guy in the world. You have to work on yourself every day. At any moment a man may appear, which you did not even dream about. Now we need women who are anybody. Spineless woman will not attract strong men who need a female partner, support. I watch a lot of couples when a woman works even with a rich man. That was Daria Zhukova. It was a beautiful relationship. I liked Dasha very much in this pair. She never boasted of her wealth, she did not show off. She gave birth to two children from a beloved man. Roman Abramovich is not a noisemaker. He is a good man. He was good when he was a kid, he is still like that. 

– Do you regret that once, when you were studying with him at school, you did not notice his love, did not reciprocate?

– We studied together only two years. I'm not that kind of person who regrets. I never chased money. Personality has always been very important for me. And I still hope that someday I will meet a magnanimous, intelligent man. I do not need Abramovich. I never think about him at all. For me this is a passed stage of life. I do not particularly like to live with memories. If there were any general plans, or if Roman Arkadyevich invited me to fly somewhere and sing for him, I would gladly do it. And I do not need any money, nothing. Just for the sake of ideas and wonderful memories of childhood.

What Abramovich owns

According to the latest Forbes data, the billionaire's fortune is estimated at $ 9.1 billion. He ranks 12th in the Russian table of ranks of the rich. His main business asset is a stake in Evraz Group, the estimated value of the entire company is $ 5 billion. As explained by a source close to Abramovich's finances, this share is 31%. The company employs more than 90 thousand people in 8 countries of the world, including in Russia. She owns mines and steel mills in the Kemerovo and Sverdlovsk regions. The most famous acquisition is the English football club Chelsea. It is estimated at $ 1.7 billion.

Other property:

– Real estate in the UK, USA, the Caribbean, Russia and other countries. The total cost is more than a billion dollars. Only a mansion on Kensington Palace Gardens in London was recently estimated at $ 140 million. It fell into the top ten most expensive houses in the world.

– Yacht Eclipse (one of the largest in the world) – $ 800 million Earlier, the oligarch had several more yachts, but the source of the KP claims that now they are no longer owned by the billionaire.

– The fleet of personal aircraft and cars – according to the total media estimate of $ 200 – 300 million.

– The collection of Abramovich's works of art costs at least $ 1 billion, Forbes notes. In January 2013 he bought a collection of 40 works by Ilya Kabakov, an approximate cost of $ 60 million.

PASSAGE FROM THE BOOK OF NATALIA STURM "Dying to marry, or Love the color of blood"

We studied with Roman Abramovich in the same class at school number 232 in Moscow. Roma courted me. And I liked the boy Zhenya from the parallel class. He was prettier. If I took Roma's courtship, then, probably (…) Roma would not have become an oligarch. He would go with me to the concerts in the capacity of director of the "Berry" band. For a thousand c.u. A month …

– Let's help, – Roma took my briefcase, and we slowly walked along Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street.

– Let's go to Romka to meet the spring? Right now, our guys will do the same – they're at the grocery store. It will be cool, come on! – winked Andryukha gaily.

– No … I need to study. I've got an "F" in mathematics, "I said shyly.

– How's that? – Roma was surprised.

"That's what happens," – I threw my hands up. (…)

– Do you want me to give you my notebooks? There are all tests. – suggested Roma.

– Of course. What mark did you get?

– I have a "С". Straight, "Roma answered calmly.

On the road we were caught up by classmates. (…)

Andryukha came up to me and said quietly:

"Do you know that Romka is in love with you?"

– Really? .. He didn't show, – I answered weakly.

"Do not you like him?".  

I shrugged.  

– No … He's not my taste. Quiet, calm. He keeps silent – you never know what's on his mind.

– You just do not know him – he's so cool! Loves company, adores football, wants to organize a school ensemble! .. He's just emotionless. Did no t you notice how he looks at you? 

Now I remember something …

When we last sat with him, I went to the balcony. It was cold! He brought me a jacket and put on my shoulders. A nd immediately took his hands off. He wanted to hug me –  I could see it in his eyes. But he did not dare. Very modest. Just looked with such eyes .. (…)

– Yes, I know, he is kind. Remember how half the class wore his Adidas suit? He did not even say a word (…) – I remembered.

– He's very good … But still – he's too modest. Girls usually do not like that kind of guy , – I explained.