The former participant of "Dom 2" Victoria Bonya was seen in one of the restaurants at a dinner with the star of the football club Manchester United, Belgian Marouane Fellaini. She herself hinted at the fact that she had a new lover who gives expensive gifts to her daughter and is a real "perfection".

In November last year Victoria was photographed in the uniform of an English club. Bonya's followers decided that she tried on the clothes of the new boyfriend.

Bonya and Fellaini were spotted at dinner, the couple was talking about something, not paying attention to others. According to fans of the athlete, he looks great with a beautiful woman from Russia.

In February 2017, Victoria Bonya announced her separation from her husband, the son of an Irish billionaire, Alex Smurfit. Victoria and Alex diverged, but continue to take part in the education of the common daughter of Angelina Letizia, who was born in March 2012.