Victoria Bonya decided to move from the former husband and left Monaco

 Victoria Bonya decided to move from the former husband and left Monaco

Last weekend Victoria Bonya confirmed rumors about the separation from her civil husband Alex Smerfit. No doubt, the pair really broke:  businessman was caught kissing a stranger.

Victoria recently said that despite their separation as a couple, they managed to maintain an excellent relationship. However, immediately after the announcement of the break with the civil husband Bonya left Monaco and flew to Spain with a friend.

Victoria shares photos with caption: "Now, perhaps, it's the best time in Marbella. It's warm, nice and quiet".

Bonya's Fans decided to support her in this difficult period for her and wrote words of encouragement: "What a beauty! Find a better husband!"," I think she had learned not to let the pain take over and turns failure into success".

In a recent blog Victoria shared with subscribers that she will return to Monaco after a short trip to Spain.

Recall, Vicktoria Bonya said she and Alex decided to separate six months ago:

 "Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share impressions, spend time with the child. We stay close to each other, because we have our beautiful daughter – our common happiness – and a lot of warm memories. It so happened that our relationship chenged into friendship, we really love each other, but a little differently".